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FABRAL Metal Panels

DeHoog Metal and Marine Decking is proud to sell FABRAL metal.  When you buy FABRAL, you can buy with confidence, knowing you are purchasing a long-lasting, attractive product that will be guaranteed to perform for years to come. 

Some of our most popular panel  profiles:

FABRAL metal saves $$ and is Energy Star approved.





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We also install metal roofing and siding. If you perfer to install it yourself we will offer advice and encouragement. Customer satisfaction is most important to us.


To see a complete list of color samples and metal types, please open the link below.


These two roofs on the right are FABRAL's 1 1/2" Standing Seam in the galvalume option. The shop roof was installed over 2 x 4 lathes spaced about 16"s apart. The house shingles were stripped off and the metal installed on synthetic underlayment.

These two roofs are FABRAL's Grand Rib 3, 29 gauge. The above roof is installed on 1x4's which were put over the shingles. The bottom roof was put on synthetic underlayment.


This roof is FABRAL's Grand Rib 3 True Black 29 gauge. We put 1x4's down first over the shingles, this with a vented ridge gives an air space and allows better venting. Although this roof is black in color, it is still a Energy Star rated roof and will save money over a shingle roof!


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There are many different styles to choose from when covering a pole building. It can be done very simple, or more complex as seen here.